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# -*- Mode: Python; coding: utf-8 -*-
# vi:si:et:sw=4:sts=4:ts=4

## Copyright (C) 2017 Async Open Source <>
## All rights reserved
## This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
## it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
## the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
## (at your option) any later version.
## This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
## but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
## GNU General Public License for more details.
## You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
## along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
## Foundation, Inc., or visit:
## Author(s): Stoq Team <>

"""Delivery app definition."""

import datetime

import gtk
from kiwi.ui.objectlist import Column
import pango

from stoqlib.api import api
from import Delivery, Sale
from stoqlib.domain.views import DeliveryView
from stoqlib.enums import SearchFilterPosition
from stoqlib.gui.editors.deliveryeditor import DeliveryEditor
from import ClientSearch, TransporterSearch
from import ProductSearch
from import IdentifierColumn, SearchColumn
from import ComboSearchFilter
from import ServiceSearch
from stoqlib.gui.stockicons import STOQ_CLIENTS, STOQ_TRANSPORTER
from stoqlib.gui.utils.iconutils import get_delivery_state_icon
from stoqlib.lib.message import yesno
from stoqlib.lib.translation import stoqlib_gettext
from import ShellApp

_ = stoqlib_gettext

[docs]class DeliveryApp(ShellApp): """Delivery app""" app_title = _(u'Deliveries') gladefile = 'delivery' search_spec = DeliveryView search_label = _(u'matching:') # TODO: Create a report for the view here #report_table = DeliveriesReport # # Application #
[docs] def create_actions(self): #group = get_accels('') actions = [ # File ("DeliveryMenu", None, _(u"Delivery")), # Search ("Transporters", STOQ_TRANSPORTER, _("Transporters..."), # group.get("search_transporters")), None), ("Clients", STOQ_CLIENTS, _("Clients..."), # group.get("search_clients")), None), ("Products", None, _("Products..."), # group.get("search_products")), None), ("Services", None, _("Services..."), # group.get("search_services")), None), # Delivery ("Edit", gtk.STOCK_EDIT, _("Edit..."), # group.get('delivery_pick'), None, _("Edit the selected delivery")), ("Pick", None, _("Pick..."), # group.get('delivery_pick'), None, _("Pick the selected delivery")), ("Pack", None, _("Pack..."), # group.get('delivery_pack'), None, _("Pack the selected delivery")), ("Send", STOQ_TRANSPORTER, _("Send..."), # group.get('delivery_send'), None, _("Send the selected delivery to deliver")), ("Receive", gtk.STOCK_APPLY, _("Mark as received..."), # group.get('delivery_receive'), None, _("Mark the selected delivery as received by the client")), ("Cancel", gtk.STOCK_CANCEL, _("Cancel..."), # group.get('delivery_cancel'), None, _("Cancel the selected delivery")), ] self.delivery_ui = self.add_ui_actions("", actions, filename="delivery.xml") self.set_help_section(_(u"Delivery help"), 'app-delivery') self.popup = self.uimanager.get_widget('/DeliverySelection')
[docs] def create_ui(self): # XXX: What should we put on new items? self.window.add_new_items([ ]) self.window.add_search_items([ self.Products, self.Services, self.Transporters, self.Clients, ]) # FIXME: sale_identifier is here because it needs an integer column. # The lazy summary will actually be taken from the view's # post_search_callback column='sale_identifier', label=('<b>%s</b>' % api.escape(_('Number of deliveries:'))), format='<b>%s</b>', parent=self.get_statusbar_message_area()) self.results.set_cell_data_func(self._on_results__cell_data_func)
[docs] def activate(self, refresh=True): self.check_open_inventory() # XXX #self.window.NewToolItem.set_tooltip( # _("Create a new delivery")) self.window.SearchToolItem.set_tooltip(_("Search for transporters")) if refresh: self._update_view()
[docs] def deactivate(self): self.uimanager.remove_ui(self.delivery_ui)
[docs] def new_activate(self): print "FIXME: new_activate"
[docs] def search_activate(self): self.run_dialog(TransporterSearch,
[docs] def search_completed(self, results, states): if len(results): return state = states[1] if state is None: return if state.value is None: # Base search with no filters base_msg = _("No deliveries could be found.") url_msg = '' elif state: base_msg = { Delivery.STATUS_INITIAL: _("No pending deliveries could be found"), Delivery.STATUS_CANCELLED: _("No cancelled deliveries could be found"), Delivery.STATUS_PICKED: _("No picked deliveries could be found"), Delivery.STATUS_PACKED: _("No packed deliveries could be found"), Delivery.STATUS_SENT: _("No sent deliveries could be found"), Delivery.STATUS_RECEIVED: _("No received deliveries could be found"), }[state.value] url_msg = '' msg = '\n\n'.join([base_msg, url_msg])
[docs] def create_filters(self): self.set_text_field_columns(['client_name', 'sale_identifier']) self.main_filter = ComboSearchFilter(_('Show'), []) self.add_filter(self.main_filter, SearchFilterPosition.TOP, callback=self._get_main_query) self.create_branch_filter(column=[Sale.branch_id]) self._update_filters()
[docs] def get_columns(self): return [ IdentifierColumn('sale_identifier', title=_("Sale #")), SearchColumn('status_str', title=_(u'Status'), search_attribute='status', data_type=str, valid_values=self._get_status_values()), SearchColumn('client_name', title=_(u'Client'), data_type=str, expand=True), Column('flag_icon', title=_(u'Status (Description)'), column='client_name', data_type=gtk.gdk.Pixbuf, format_func=self._format_state_icon, format_func_data=True), SearchColumn('branch_name', title=_(u'Branch'), data_type=str, visible=False), SearchColumn('transporter_name', title=_(u'Transporter'), data_type=str), SearchColumn('open_date', title=_(u'Open date'),, SearchColumn('cancel_date', title=_(u'Cancel date'),, visible=False), SearchColumn('pick_date', title=_(u'Pick date'),, visible=False), SearchColumn('pack_date', title=_(u'Pack date'),, visible=False), SearchColumn('send_date', title=_(u'Send date'),, SearchColumn('receive_date', title=_(u'Receive date'),, visible=False), ]
[docs] def set_open_inventory(self): pass
# # Private # def _edit(self): delivery = with api.new_store() as store: self.run_dialog(DeliveryEditor, store, model=store.fetch(delivery)) if store.committed: self._update_view() def _cancel(self): if not yesno(_("This will cancel the delivery. Are you sure?"), gtk.RESPONSE_NO, _(u"Cancel"), _(u"Don't cancel")): return selection = with api.new_store() as store: delivery = store.fetch( delivery.close() self._update_view(select_item=selection) def _pick(self): if not yesno(_("This will mark the delivery as picked. Are you sure?"), gtk.RESPONSE_NO, _(u"Mark as picked"), _(u"Don't mark")): return selection = with api.new_store() as store: delivery = store.fetch( delivery.pick() self._update_view(select_item=selection) def _pack(self): if not yesno(_("This will mark the delivery as packed. Are you sure?"), gtk.RESPONSE_NO, _(u"Mark as packed"), _(u"Don't mark")): return selection = with api.new_store() as store: delivery = store.fetch( delivery.pack(api.get_current_user(store)) self._update_view(select_item=selection) def _send(self): if not yesno(_("This will mark the delivery as sent to the client. " "Are you sure?"), gtk.RESPONSE_NO, _(u"Mark as sent"), _(u"Don't mark")): return selection = with api.new_store() as store: delivery = store.fetch( delivery.send(api.get_current_user(store)) self._update_view(select_item=selection) def _receive(self): if not yesno(_("This will mark the delivery as received by the client. " "Are you sure?"), gtk.RESPONSE_NO, _(u"Mark as received"), _(u"Don't mark")): return selection = with api.new_store() as store: delivery = store.fetch( delivery.receive() self._update_view(select_item=selection) def _format_state_icon(self, item, data): # This happens with lazy object lists. Sometimes it calls this function # without actually having the real object. if not isinstance(item, DeliveryView): return stock_id, tooltip = get_delivery_state_icon( if stock_id is not None: # We are using self.results because render_icon is a gtk.Widget's # method. It has nothing to do with results tough. return self.results.render_icon(stock_id, gtk.ICON_SIZE_MENU) def _get_main_query(self, state): if state.value is None: return True return Delivery.status == state.value def _get_status_values(self): return ([(_('Any'), None)] + [(v, k) for k, v in Delivery.statuses.items()]) def _update_view(self, select_item=None): self.refresh() if select_item is not None: item =, self.select_result(item) self._update_list_aware_view() def _update_list_aware_view(self): selection = has_selected = bool(selection) delivery = has_selected and self.set_sensitive([self.Edit], has_selected) self.set_sensitive([self.Pick], has_selected and delivery.can_pick()) self.set_sensitive([self.Pack], has_selected and delivery.can_pack()) self.set_sensitive([self.Send], has_selected and delivery.can_send()) self.set_sensitive([self.Receive], has_selected and delivery.can_receive()) self.set_sensitive([self.Cancel], has_selected and delivery.can_cancel()) def _update_filters(self): items = [(_("All Deliveries"), None)] items.extend((status_str, status) for status, status_str in Delivery.statuses.items()) self.main_filter.update_values(items) # # Callbacks # def _on_results__cell_data_func(self, column, renderer, item, text): if not isinstance(renderer, gtk.CellRendererText): return text delivery = is_finished = delivery.status in [Delivery.STATUS_SENT, Delivery.STATUS_RECEIVED] is_waiting = delivery.status == Delivery.STATUS_INITIAL is_picked = delivery.status == Delivery.STATUS_PICKED for prop, is_set, value in [ ('strikethrough', is_finished, True), ('style', is_picked, pango.STYLE_ITALIC), ('weight', is_waiting, pango.WEIGHT_BOLD)]: renderer.set_property(prop + '-set', is_set) if is_set: renderer.set_property(prop, value) return text
[docs] def on_search__result_item_popup_menu(self, search, item, event): self.popup.popup(None, None, None, event.button, event.time)
[docs] def on_search__result_selection_changed(self, search): self._update_list_aware_view()
[docs] def on_search__result_item_activated(self, search, item): self._edit()
[docs] def on_Edit__activate(self, action): self._edit()
[docs] def on_Cancel__activate(self, action): self._cancel()
[docs] def on_Pick__activate(self, action): self._pick()
[docs] def on_Pack__activate(self, action): self._pack()
[docs] def on_Send__activate(self, action): self._send()
[docs] def on_Receive__activate(self, action): self._receive()
[docs] def on_Products__activate(self, action): self.run_dialog(ProductSearch,, hide_footer=True, hide_toolbar=True)
[docs] def on_Transporters__activate(self, action): self.run_dialog(TransporterSearch,
[docs] def on_Services__activate(self, action): self.run_dialog(ServiceSearch,
[docs] def on_Clients__activate(self, button): self.run_dialog(ClientSearch,, hide_footer=True)