Source code for stoq.gui.receivable

# -*- Mode: Python; coding: utf-8 -*-
# vi:si:et:sw=4:sts=4:ts=4

## Copyright (C) 2005-2012 Async Open Source <>
## All rights reserved
## This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
## it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
## the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
## (at your option) any later version.
## This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
## but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
## GNU General Public License for more details.
## You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
## along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
## Foundation, Inc., or visit:
## Author(s): Stoq Team <>

    Implementation of receivable application.

import datetime
import logging
import os
import sys
import traceback

import pango
import gtk
from kiwi.currency import currency
from kiwi.python import all
from kiwi.ui.dialogs import save
from kiwi.ui.gadgets import render_pixbuf
from kiwi.ui.objectlist import Column

from stoqlib.api import api
from stoqlib.domain.payment.category import PaymentCategory
from stoqlib.domain.payment.payment import Payment
from stoqlib.domain.payment.views import InPaymentView
from stoqlib.domain.till import Till
from stoqlib.exceptions import TillError
from stoqlib.gui.base.dialogs import run_dialog
from stoqlib.gui.editors.paymenteditor import InPaymentEditor
from stoqlib.gui.editors.paymentseditor import SalePaymentsEditor
from import InPaymentBillCheckSearch
from import CardPaymentSearch
from import IdentifierColumn, SearchColumn
from import DateSearchFilter
from stoqlib.gui.slaves.paymentconfirmslave import SalePaymentConfirmSlave
from stoqlib.gui.utils.keybindings import get_accels
from stoqlib.gui.utils.printing import print_report
from stoqlib.gui.wizards.renegotiationwizard import PaymentRenegotiationWizard
from stoqlib.lib.boleto import get_bank_info_by_number
from stoqlib.lib.dateutils import localtoday
from stoqlib.lib.message import warning
from stoqlib.lib.parameters import sysparam
from stoqlib.lib.translation import stoqlib_gettext as _
from stoqlib.reporting.payment import ReceivablePaymentReport
from stoqlib.reporting.paymentsreceipt import InPaymentReceipt

from stoq.gui.accounts import BaseAccountWindow, FilterItem

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ReceivableApp(BaseAccountWindow): # TODO: Change all widget.set_sensitive to self.set_sensitive([widget]) app_title = _('Accounts receivable') gladefile = 'receivable' search_spec = InPaymentView search_label = _('matching:') report_table = ReceivablePaymentReport editor_class = InPaymentEditor payment_category_type = PaymentCategory.TYPE_RECEIVABLE # # Application #
[docs] def create_actions(self): group = get_accels('app.receivable') actions = [ # File ('AddReceiving', gtk.STOCK_ADD, _('Account receivable...'), group.get('add_receiving'), _('Create a new account receivable')), ('PaymentFlowHistory', None, _('Payment _flow history...'), group.get('payment_flow_history')), ('ExportBills', None, _('Export bills...')), # Payment ('PaymentMenu', None, _('Payment')), ('Details', gtk.STOCK_INFO, _('Details...'), group.get('payment_details'), _('Show details for the selected payment'), ), ('Receive', gtk.STOCK_APPLY, _('Receive...'), group.get('payment_receive'), _('Receive the selected payments')), ('CancelPayment', gtk.STOCK_REMOVE, _('Cancel payment...'), group.get('payment_cancel'), _('Cancel the selected payment')), ('SetNotPaid', gtk.STOCK_UNDO, _('Set as not paid...'), group.get('payment_set_not_paid'), _('Mark the selected payment as not paid')), ('ChangeDueDate', gtk.STOCK_REFRESH, _('Change due date...'), group.get('payment_change_due_date'), _('Change the due date of the selected payment')), ('Renegotiate', None, _('Renegotiate...'), group.get('payment_renegotiate'), _('Renegotiate the selected payments')), ('Edit', None, _('Edit installments...'), group.get('payment_edit_installments'), _('Edit the selected payment installments')), ('Comments', None, _('Comments...'), group.get('payment_comments'), _('Add comments to the selected payment')), ('PrintDocument', gtk.STOCK_PRINT, _('Print document...'), group.get('payment_print_bill'), _('Print a bill for the selected payment')), ('PrintReceipt', None, _('Print _receipt...'), group.get('payment_print_receipt'), _('Print a receipt for the selected payment')), # Search ('PaymentCategories', None, _("Payment categories..."), group.get('search_payment_categories'), _('Search for payment categories')), ('BillCheckSearch', None, _('Bills and checks...'), group.get('search_bills'), _('Search for bills and checks')), ('CardPaymentSearch', None, _('Card payments...'), group.get('search_card_payments'), _('Search for card payments')), ] self.receivable_ui = self.add_ui_actions(None, actions, filename='receivable.xml') self.set_help_section(_("Accounts receivable help"), 'app-receivable') self.Receive.set_short_label(_('Receive')) self.Details.set_short_label(_('Details')) self.Receive.props.is_important = True self.window.add_new_items([self.AddReceiving]) self.window.add_search_items([self.BillCheckSearch, self.CardPaymentSearch]) self.window.Print.set_tooltip( _("Print a report of this payments")) self.popup = self.uimanager.get_widget('/ReceivableSelection')
[docs] def activate(self, refresh=True): self._update_widgets() if refresh: self.refresh()
[docs] def deactivate(self): self.uimanager.remove_ui(self.receivable_ui)
[docs] def new_activate(self): self.add_payment()
[docs] def search_activate(self): self._run_bill_check_search()
[docs] def create_filters(self): self.set_text_field_columns(['description', 'drawee', 'identifier_str']) self.create_main_filter()
[docs] def get_columns(self): if sysparam.get_bool('SHOW_FULL_DATETIME_ON_RECEIVABLE'): get_date = datetime.datetime else: get_date = return [IdentifierColumn('identifier', title=_('Payment #')), SearchColumn('description', title=_('Description'), data_type=str, ellipsize=pango.ELLIPSIZE_END, expand=True, pack_end=True), SearchColumn('sale_open_date', title=_('Sale date'), data_type=get_date, width=100), Column('color', title=_('Description'), width=20, data_type=gtk.gdk.Pixbuf, format_func=render_pixbuf, column='description'), Column('comments_number', title=_(u'Comments'), visible=False), SearchColumn('drawee', title=_('Drawee'), data_type=str, ellipsize=pango.ELLIPSIZE_END, width=140), SearchColumn('drawee_fancy_name', title=_('Drawee fancy name'), visible=False, data_type=str, ellipsize=pango.ELLIPSIZE_END, width=140), SearchColumn('due_date', title=_('Due date'),, width=100, sorted=True), SearchColumn('paid_date', title=_('Paid date'),, width=100), SearchColumn('status_str', title=_('Status'), width=100, data_type=str, search_attribute='status', valid_values=self._get_status_values(), visible=False), SearchColumn('value', title=_('Value'), data_type=currency, width=90), SearchColumn('paid_value', title=_('Paid'), long_title=_('Paid value'), data_type=currency, width=90), SearchColumn('category', title=_('Category'), data_type=str, long_title=_('Payment category'), width=110, visible=False)]
# # Public API #
[docs] def search_for_date(self, date): dfilter = DateSearchFilter(_("Paid or due date")) dfilter.set_removable() self.add_filter(dfilter, columns=["paid_date", "due_date"]) dfilter.start_date.set_date(date) self.refresh()
# # Private # def _update_widgets(self): selected = self.results.get_selected_rows() one_item = len(selected) == 1 self.Receive.set_sensitive(self._can_receive(selected)) self.Details.set_sensitive( one_item and self._can_show_details(selected)) self.Comments.set_sensitive( one_item and self._can_show_comments(selected)) self.ChangeDueDate.set_sensitive( one_item and self._can_change_due_date(selected)) self.CancelPayment.set_sensitive( one_item and self._can_cancel_payment(selected)) self.PrintReceipt.set_sensitive( one_item and self._is_paid(selected)) self.SetNotPaid.set_sensitive( one_item and self._is_paid(selected) and self._can_set_not_paid(selected)) self.Edit.set_sensitive(self._can_edit(selected)) self.PrintDocument.set_sensitive(self._can_print(selected)) def _get_status_values(self): values = [(v, k) for k, v in Payment.statuses.items()] values.insert(0, (_("Any"), None)) return values def _receive(self, receivable_views): """ Receives a list of items from a receivable_views, note that the list of receivable_views must reference the same sale @param receivable_views: a list of receivable_views """ assert self._can_receive(receivable_views) store = api.new_store() payments = [store.fetch(view.payment) for view in receivable_views] retval = run_dialog(SalePaymentConfirmSlave, self, store, payments=payments) if store.confirm(retval): # We need to refresh the whole list as the payment(s) can possibly # disappear for the selected view self.refresh() store.close() self._update_widgets() def _is_paid(self, receivable_view): """ Determines if the selected payment is paid. To do so he must meet the following condition: - The payment status needs to be set to PAID """ if not receivable_view: return False return receivable_view[0].is_paid() def _can_set_not_paid(self, receivable_views): return all(view.payment.method.operation.can_set_not_paid(view.payment) for view in receivable_views) def _can_receive(self, receivable_views): """ Determines if a list of receivable_views can be received. To do so they must meet the following conditions: - Be in the same sale - The payment status needs to be set to PENDING """ if not receivable_views: return False if not any(view.operation.can_pay(view.payment) for view in receivable_views): return False if len(receivable_views) == 1: return receivable_views[0].status == Payment.STATUS_PENDING sale = receivable_views[0].sale if sale is None: return False return all( == sale and view.status == Payment.STATUS_PENDING for view in receivable_views) def _can_renegotiate(self, receivable_views): """whether or not we can renegotiate this payments This do to much queries. Dont call inside _update_widgets to avoid unecessary queries. Instead, call before the user actually tries to renegotiate. """ if not len(receivable_views): return False # Parent is a Sale or a PaymentRenegotiation parent = receivable_views[0].get_parent() if not parent: return False client = parent.client return all(view.get_parent() and view.get_parent().client is client and view.get_parent().can_set_renegotiated() for view in receivable_views) def _can_edit(self, views): """Determines if we can edit the selected payments """ if not views: return False # Installments of renegotiated payments can not be edited. if views[0].group.renegotiation: return False sale_id = views[0].sale_id # Lonely payments are not created as sales, and it's installments # are edited differently. if not sale_id: return False can_edit = all(rv.sale_id == sale_id for rv in views) return can_edit def _can_cancel_payment(self, receivable_views): """whether or not we can cancel the receiving. """ if len(receivable_views) != 1: return False if not any(view.operation.can_cancel(view.payment) for view in receivable_views): return False return receivable_views[0].can_cancel_payment() def _can_change_due_date(self, receivable_views): """ Determines if a list of receivable_views can have it's due date changed. To do so they must meet the following conditions: - The list must have only one element - The payment was not paid """ if len(receivable_views) != 1: return False if not any(view.operation.can_change_due_date(view.payment) for view in receivable_views): return False return receivable_views[0].can_change_due_date() def _can_show_details(self, receivable_views): """Determines if we can show the receiving details for a list of receivable views. To do so they must meet the following conditions: - Be in the same sale or - One receiving that not belong to any sale """ if not receivable_views: return False sale = receivable_views[0].sale_id if sale is None: if len(receivable_views) == 1: return True else: return False return all(view.sale_id == sale for view in receivable_views[1:]) def _can_show_comments(self, receivable_views): return len(receivable_views) == 1 def _can_print(self, receivable_views): if len(receivable_views) == 1: view = receivable_views[0] return view.operation.can_print(view.payment) return False def _run_card_payment_search(self): run_dialog(CardPaymentSearch, self, def _run_bill_check_search(self): run_dialog(InPaymentBillCheckSearch, self, def _update_filter_items(self): options = [ FilterItem(_('Received payments'), 'status:paid'), FilterItem(_('To receive'), 'status:not-paid'), FilterItem(_('Late payments'), 'status:late'), ] self.add_filter_items(PaymentCategory.TYPE_RECEIVABLE, options) # # Kiwi callbacks #
[docs] def on_results__row_activated(self, klist, receivable_view): self.show_details(receivable_view)
[docs] def on_results__selection_changed(self, receivables, selected): self._update_widgets()
[docs] def on_results__right_click(self, results, result, event): self.popup.popup(None, None, None, event.button, event.time)
[docs] def on_Details__activate(self, button): selected = self.results.get_selected_rows()[0] self.show_details(selected)
[docs] def on_Receive__activate(self, button): self._receive(self.results.get_selected_rows())
[docs] def on_Comments__activate(self, action): receivable_view = self.results.get_selected_rows()[0] self.show_comments(receivable_view)
[docs] def on_PrintReceipt__activate(self, action): receivable_view = self.results.get_selected_rows()[0] payment = receivable_view.payment date = localtoday().date() print_report(InPaymentReceipt, payment=payment,, date=date)
[docs] def on_AddReceiving__activate(self, action): self.add_payment()
[docs] def on_CancelPayment__activate(self, action): receivable_view = self.results.get_selected_rows()[0] order = self.change_status(receivable_view, order, Payment.STATUS_CANCELLED)
[docs] def on_SetNotPaid__activate(self, action): receivable_view = self.results.get_selected_rows()[0] order = self.change_status(receivable_view, order, Payment.STATUS_PENDING)
[docs] def on_ChangeDueDate__activate(self, action): receivable_view = self.results.get_selected_rows()[0] self.change_due_date(receivable_view,
[docs] def on_BillCheckSearch__activate(self, action): self._run_bill_check_search()
[docs] def on_CardPaymentSearch__activate(self, action): self._run_card_payment_search()
[docs] def on_Renegotiate__activate(self, action): try: Till.get_current( except TillError as e: warning(str(e)) return receivable_views = self.results.get_selected_rows() if not self._can_renegotiate(receivable_views): warning(_('Cannot renegotiate selected payments')) return store = api.new_store() groups = list(set([store.fetch( for v in receivable_views])) retval = run_dialog(PaymentRenegotiationWizard, self, store, groups) if store.confirm(retval): # FIXME: Storm is not expiring the groups correctly. # Figure out why. See bug 5087 self.refresh() self._update_widgets() store.close()
[docs] def on_Edit__activate(self, action): try: Till.get_current( except TillError as e: warning(str(e)) return store = api.new_store() views = self.results.get_selected_rows() sale = store.fetch(views[0].sale) retval = run_dialog(SalePaymentsEditor, self, store, sale) if store.confirm(retval): self.refresh() store.close()
[docs] def on_PrintDocument__activate(self, action): view = self.results.get_selected_rows()[0] payments = [view.payment] report = view.operation.print_(payments) if report is not None: print_report(report, payments)
[docs] def on_ExportBills__activate(self, action): payments = [v.payment for v in self.results.get_selected_rows() if v.method.method_name == 'bill'] if not payments: warning(_('No bill payments were selected')) return filename = save(current_name='CNAB.txt', folder=os.path.expanduser('~/')) if not filename: return bank_number = payments[0] info = get_bank_info_by_number(bank_number) try: cnab = info.get_cnab(payments) except Exception as e: log.error(''.join(traceback.format_exception(*sys.exc_info()))) warning(_('An error ocurred while generating the CNAB'), str(e)) return with open(filename, 'w') as fh: fh.write(cnab)