Class s.p.c.BankConfiguration:

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This class store and manage the Cheque elements positions for a bank.
Method __init__ Create a new cheque configuration for the bank 'name'
Method get_coordinate Undocumented
Method get_x_coordinate Undocumented
Method get_y_coordinate Undocumented
@argcheck(str, dict)
def __init__(self, name, items):
Create a new cheque configuration for the bank 'name'
ParametersnameThe name of bank to which this configuration belongs to. (type: str )
itemsA dictionary where the key is the configuration name and its values are the row and column coordinates, respectively, eg: row['legal_amount1'] = (Y, X) (type: dict )
def get_coordinate(self, name):
def get_x_coordinate(self, name):
def get_y_coordinate(self, name):
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