Package s.domain

Part of stoqlib

Domain classes, the business logic in Stoq
Module account Domain classes to manage bank accounts
Module address No module docstring; 2/2 classes documented
Module base Base routines for domain modules
Module commission Commission management
Module devices Domain classes related to stoqdrivers package.
Module events Events used in the domain code
Module exampledata Undocumented
Module fiscal Domain classes to manage fiscal informations.
Module interfaces Interfaces definition for all domain classes
Module inventory Inventory object and related objects implementation
Module invoice Invoice domain classes; field, layout and printer
Module parameter Domain classes for handling parameters
Package payment No package docstring; 7/8 modules documented
Module person Person domain classes
Module plugin No module docstring; 1/1 classes documented
Module product Base classes to manage product's informations
Module profile User profile management for applications
Module purchase Purchase management
Module receiving Receiving management
Module renegotiation Domain classes for renegotiation management
Module sale Sale object and related objects implementation
Module sellable This module implements base classes to 'sellable objects', such a product
Module service Base classes to manage services informations
Module station Station, a branch station per computer
Module synchronization BranchSynchronization domain class
Module system Routines for system data management
Package test No package docstring; 11/25 modules documented
Module till Implementation of classes related to Fiscal operations.
Module transaction Transaction domain class
Module transfer Product transfer management
Module views No module docstring; 8/10 classes documented
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