Class s.g.b.l.SimpleListDialog(BasicDialog):

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No class docstring
Method __init__ Create a new SimpleListDialog.
Method setup_slave Undocumented
Method get_selection Undocumented
Method confirm Undocumented

Inherited from BasicDialog:

Method _initialize Undocumented
Method setup_keyactions Undocumented
Method cancel Undocumented
Method hide_footer Undocumented
Method enable_ok Undocumented
Method disable_ok Undocumented
Method set_ok_label Undocumented
Method set_cancel_label Undocumented
Method justify_label Undocumented
Method set_confirm_widget Enables widget as a confirm widget, the dialog will be closed as
Method set_cancel_widget Enables widget as a cancel widget, the dialog will be closed as
Method add Undocumented
Method action_area Undocumented
Method on_ok_button__clicked Undocumented
Method on_cancel_button__clicked Undocumented

Inherited from RunnableView (via BasicDialog, AbstractDialog):

Method close Handles action to be performed when window is closed.
Method destroy Undocumented
Method run Handles action to be performed when window is opened. Defaults to
def __init__(self, columns, objects, hide_cancel_btn=True, title='', multiple=True):
Create a new SimpleListDialog.
multipleif we're allowed to select multiple items (type: boolean )
def setup_slave(self, columns, objects, selection_mode):
def get_selection(self):
def confirm(self):
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