Class s.g.e.p.TransporterEditor(BasePersonRoleEditor):

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Method create_model Creates a new model for the editor.
Method setup_slaves A subclass can override this

Inherited from BasePersonRoleEditor:

Method __init__ Creates a new BasePersonRoleEditor object
Method on_confirm This is a hook method which must be redefined when some
Method get_person_slave Undocumented
Method set_phone_number Undocumented

Inherited from BaseEditor (via BasePersonRoleEditor):

Method _get_title_format Undocumented
Method get_title Undocumented
Method enable_window_controls Enables the window controls
Method set_description Sets the description of the model object which is used by the editor
Method refresh_ok Refreshes ok button sensitivity according to widget validators
Method add_button Adds a button to editor. The added button is returned which you
Method cancel Cancel the dialog.
Method confirm Confirm the dialog.
Method enable_ok Enable the ok button of the dialog, eg makes it possible
Method enable_normal_window Enable the dialog as a normal window.
Method set_confirm_widget Make a widget confirmable, eg activating that widget would

Inherited from BaseEditorSlave (via BasePersonRoleEditor, BaseEditor):

Method _setup_visual_mode Undocumented
Method setup_proxies A subclass can override this
Method on_cancel This is a hook method which must be redefined when some
Method update_visual_mode This method must be overwritten on child if some addition task in
Method validate_confirm Must be redefined by childs and will perform some validations
def create_model(self, conn):
Creates a new model for the editor. After this method is called, the model can be accessed as self.model. The default behavior is to raise a TypeError, which can be overridden in a subclass.
Parameterstransa database transaction
def setup_slaves(self):
A subclass can override this
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