Class s.g.f.FiscalCoupon(gobject.GObject):

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This class is used just to allow us cancel an item with base in a Sellable object. Currently, services can't be added, and they are just ignored -- be aware, if a coupon with only services is emitted, it will not be opened in fact, but just ignored.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method emit Undocumented
Method add_item Adds an item to fiscal coupon
Method get_items Undocumented
Method remove_item Undocumented
Method identify_customer Undocumented
Method is_customer_identified Undocumented
Method open Undocumented
Method confirm Undocumented
Method _print_receipts Undocumented
Method totalize Undocumented
Method cancel Undocumented
Method setup_payments Add the payments defined in the sale to the coupon. Note that this
Method close Undocumented
Method print_payment_receipt Print the receipt for the payment.
def __init__(self, parent):
def emit(self, signal, *args):
def add_item(self, sale_item):
Adds an item to fiscal coupon
Parameterssale_itema sale item
Returnsid of the sale_item.: 0 >= if it was added successfully -1 if an error happend 0 if added but not printed (free deliveries)
def get_items(self):
def remove_item(self, sale_item):
def identify_customer(self, person):
def is_customer_identified(self):
def open(self):
def confirm(self, sale, trans):
def _print_receipts(self, sale):
def totalize(self, sale):
def cancel(self):
def setup_payments(self, sale):
Add the payments defined in the sale to the coupon. Note that this function must be called after all the payments has been created.
def close(self, sale, trans):
def print_payment_receipt(self, payment, receipt):
Print the receipt for the payment.

This must be called after the coupon is closed.

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