Class s.i.c.ClientImporter(CSVImporter):

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Method process_one Processes one line in a csv file, you can access the columns

Inherited from CSVImporter:

Method __init__ Create a new CSVImporter object.
Method feed_file Feeds csv data from filename to the importer
Method feed Feeds csv data from an iterable
Method parse_date Undocumented
Method parse_multi Undocumented
Method set_lines_per_commit Sets the number of lines which should be parsed between commits.
Method set_dry Tells the CSVImporter to run in dry mode, eg without committing
Class Method get_by_type Gets an importers class, instantiates it returns it
Method read This can be overridden by as subclass which wishes to specialize
Method before_start This is called before all the lines are parsed but
Method when_done This is called after all the lines are parsed but
def process_one(self, data, fields, trans):
Processes one line in a csv file, you can access the columns using attributes on the data object.
Parametersrowobject representing a row in the input
fieldsa list of fields set in data
transa database transaction
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