Class s.r.b.f.Paragraph(RParagraph):

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Method __init__ Creates a new Paragraph object
Method breakLines Undocumented
Method wrap Undocumented
def __init__(self, text, style=None, ellipsize=True, bulletText=None, frags=None, caseSensitive=1, align=TA_LEFT):
Creates a new Paragraph object
ParameterstextThe paragraph text. You can use the same features available on reportlab's Paragraph. (type: basestring )
stylea string or ParagraphStyle instance representing the paragraph style. If you do use a string, it'll be searched in the styles provided by default_style module. (type: object )
ellipsisDefine if the paragraph must use ellipsis when the text doesn't fits in the available width. If not set, reportlab will try break the text into multiple lines (which can be fail if the text haven't the required amount of space chars) (type: bool )
def breakLines(self, widths):
def wrap(self, width, height):
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