Class s.r.b.t.ObjectTableColumn(TableColumn):

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Known subclasses: stoqlib.reporting.base.tables.GroupingTableColumn

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Method __init__ Creates a new ObjectTableColumn object
Method get_string_data Returns the column value. The value can be returned through
Method __repr__ Undocumented

Inherited from TableColumn:

Method get_translated_alignment Undocumented
Method update_style Apply the column style.
def __init__(self, name, data_source, *args, expand_factor=0, align=LEFT, truncate=False, width=None, format_string=None, format_func=None, expand=False, virtual=False, style=None, **kwargs):
Creates a new ObjectTableColumn object
ParametersnameThe column name
(type: str )
data_sourceThe attribute name where get the column value from. This can be a callable object too.
(type: object )
expand_factorThe column expand factor.
(type: float )
alignThe table alignment. One of LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER constants defined on stoqlib reporting flowables module.
(type: One of LEFT, RIGHT or CENTER )
truncateIf True, the column value will be truncate if its size was greater than the column width.
(type: bool )
def get_string_data(self, value):
Returns the column value. The value can be returned through accessors defined by the user.
def __repr__(self):
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