Class s.d.b.AdaptableORMObject(Adaptable):

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Known subclasses: stoqlib.domain.base.Domain

Class Method registerFacet Registers a facet for class cls.

Inherited from Adaptable:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Class Method getFacetType Fetches a facet type associated with an interface, or raise
Class Method getFacetTypes Returns facet classes for this object
Method addFacet Adds a facet implementing iface for the current object
Method removeFacet Removes a facet from the current object
Method getFacets Gets a list of facets assoicated with the current object.
def registerFacet(cls, facet, *ifaces):
Registers a facet for class cls.

The 'facet' argument is an adapter class which will be registered using its interfaces specified in __implements__ argument.

Notes: the assigned key will have the name of the class cls.

ifacesoptional list of interfaces to attach
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