Class s.d.p.PurchaseItemView(Viewable):

Part of stoqlib.domain.purchase View In Hierarchy

This is a view which you can use to fetch purchase items within a specific purchase. It's used by the PurchaseDetails dialog to display all the purchase items within a purchase
Parametersidid of the purchase item
purchase_idid of the purchase order the item belongs to
sellablesellable of the item
costcost of the item
quantityquantity ordered
quantity_receivedquantity received
totaltotal value of the items purchased
total_receivedtotal value of the items received
descriptiondescription of the sellable
unitunit as a string or None if the product has no unit
Method get_quantity_as_string Undocumented
Method get_quantity_received_as_string Undocumented
Class Method select_by_purchase Undocumented
def get_quantity_as_string(self):
def get_quantity_received_as_string(self):
def select_by_purchase(cls, purchase, connection):
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