Class s.d.p.PurchaseOrderView(Viewable):

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General information about purchase orders
Class Variablesidthe id of purchase_order table
statusthe purchase order status
open_datethe date when the order was started
quote_deadlinethe date when the quotation expires
expected_receival_dateexpected date to receive products
expected_pay_dateexpected date to pay the products
receival_datethe date when the products were received
confirm_datethe date when the order was confirmed
salesperson_namethe name of supplier's salesperson
expected_freightthe expected freight value
surcharge_valuethe surcharge value for the order total
discount_valuethe discount_value for the order total
supplier_namethe supplier name
transporter_namethe transporter name
branch_namethe branch company name
ordered_quantitythe total quantity ordered
received_quantitythe total quantity received
subtotalthe order subtotal (sum of product values)
totalsubtotal - discount_value + surcharge_value
Method purchase Undocumented
Method get_total Undocumented
Method get_subtotal Undocumented
Method get_branch_name Undocumented
Method get_supplier_name Undocumented
Method get_transporter_name Undocumented
Method get_open_date_as_string Undocumented
Method get_status_str Undocumented
def purchase(self):
def get_total(self):
def get_subtotal(self):
def get_branch_name(self):
def get_supplier_name(self):
def get_transporter_name(self):
def get_open_date_as_string(self):
def get_status_str(self):
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