Class s.d.s.SaleView(Viewable):

Part of View In Hierarchy

Stores general informatios about sales
Class Variablesidthe id of the sale table
coupon_idthe id generated by the fiscal printer
open_datethe date when the sale was started
confirm_datethe date when the sale was confirmed
close_datethe date when the sale was closed
cancel_datethe date when the sale was cancelled
notessale order general notes
statusthe sale status
salesperson_namethe salesperson name
client_namethe sale client name
client_idthe if of the client table
subtotalthe sum of all items in the sale
surcharge_valuethe sale surcharge value
discount_valuethe sale discount value
totalthe subtotal - discount + charge
total_quantitythe items total quantity for the sale
invoice_numberthe sale invoice number
Method sale Undocumented
Method get_subtotal Undocumented
Method get_total Undocumented
Method get_client_name Undocumented
Method get_salesperson_name Undocumented
Method get_order_number_str Undocumented
Method get_open_date_as_string Undocumented
Method get_status_name Undocumented
def sale(self):
def get_subtotal(self):
def get_total(self):
def get_client_name(self):
def get_salesperson_name(self):
def get_order_number_str(self):
def get_open_date_as_string(self):
def get_status_name(self):
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