Class s.d.v.ProductFullStockView(Viewable):

Part of stoqlib.domain.views View In Hierarchy

Known subclasses: stoqlib.domain.views.ProductFullStockItemView, stoqlib.domain.views.ProductWithStockView

Stores information about products. This view is used to query stock information on a certain branch.
Class Variablesidthe id of the asellable table
barcodethe sellable barcode
statusthe sellable status
costthe sellable cost
pricethe sellable price
descriptionthe sellable description
unitthe unit of the product
product_idthe id of the product table
locationthe location of the product
branch_idthe id of person_adapt_to_branch table
stockthe stock of the product
Class Method select_by_branch Undocumented
Method get_unit_description Undocumented
Method get_product_and_category_description Returns the product and the category description in one string.
Method product Undocumented
def select_by_branch(cls, query, branch, having=None, connection=None):
def get_unit_description(self):
def get_product_and_category_description(self):
Returns the product and the category description in one string. The category description will be formatted inside square brackets, if any. Otherwise, only the product description will be returned.
def product(self):
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