Class s.g.e.s.SellableTaxConstantsDialog(ModelListDialog):

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Method selection_changed Undocumented
Method delete_model Deletes the model in a transaction.

Inherited from ModelListDialog:

Method __init__ Create a new ModelListDialog object.

Inherited from ModelListSlave (via ModelListDialog):

Method _delete_with_transaction Undocumented
Method _delete_model Undocumented
Method _prepare_run_editor Undocumented
Method populate Undocumented
Method add_item Undocumented
Method remove_item Undocumented
Method edit_item Undocumented
Method set_model_type Set the type of the model this slave is containing
Method set_editor_class Set the editor class which will be used to modify
Method set_reuse_transaction Reuse the transaction.
Method run_dialog A special variant of run_dialog which deletes objects
Method run_editor This can be override by a subclass who wants to send in
def selection_changed(self, constant):
def delete_model(self, model, trans):
Deletes the model in a transaction. This can be overriden by a subclass which is useful when you have foreign keys which depends on this class.
Parametersmodelmodel to delete
transthe transaction to delete the model within
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